A to Z Printing Solutions..., IT Related Products & Accessories..., Computer & Mobile Phone Repairing...

Printing Solutions

Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Sublimation Printing, Duplo Printing and more..

Computers & Mobiles

Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Computer Accessroies, Mobile Phones & Accessories Selling..

Repairing Services

Computer & Mobile Phone Troubleshooting & Repairing, PC Assembling & Upgrading..

A to Z Printing Solutions Provider...

Dee Com brand is reputed for our main business – full service design & A to Z printing solutions provider for organizations & individual clients. Not only provides normative and traditional print services, but also keeps on par with world trends and up-to-date technology.

  • Digital Flex & Sticker
  • Bill Books & Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Product Lables
  • Certificates
  • Flyers & Brochures
  • File & Folders
  • Calendars & Diaries
  • Wedding Cards
  • T Shirts & Bags
  • Ceremic Mugs & Tiles
  • Granite & MDF Plaques
  • Glass & Crystal GHP
  • Self Ink Flash Stamps
  • ID Cards & More

Our Services

Dee Com Technologies founded in 2004 is a one-stop shop for all the printing and IT related services in the area. Today Dee Com Technologies providing a broad spectrum of consumer service oriented undertakings that include General Trading, Communication Services, Desktop Publishing & Printing, Repairing Services, E-Marketing among variety of related services.

Digital Printing

Banner, Cutout, PVC Sticker, Canvas, vinyl & More...

Offset Printing

Books, Brochures, Business Cards, Labels, Bookmarks & More...

Sublimation Printing

Ceramic Mugs & Tiles, Granites, Crystals, Plaques,Wood MDFs, T-shirts & More...

Duplo Printing

Books, Files & Folders, Brochures, Bill Books, Labels & More...

Screen Printing

T-Shirts, Bags, Pens, Umbrellas, Wedding Cards & More...

Flash Stamp Making

Business Stamps, Character & Greeting Card Seals, Other DIY Seals & More...

Desktop & Laptop Computers

Branded Used Computers & Laptops, Brandnew Desktops & Laptops..

Computer Accessories

Brandnew, Used Desktop & Laptop Accessories & More...

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile Phone Chargers, Batteries, Headsets, Cables & Other Accessories...

Repairing Services

Computer & Mobile Phone Troubleshooting, Repairing & Upgrading...

E-Marketing Services

Web Designing & Hosting, Social Media & Email Marketing Services...

Communication Services

HD Movies & Songs, Reload, Ezcash & Mcash, DTV & 4G Connections & More...

Order Online

We are ready to help you with your creative needs. Your imagination is the only limit, as most items can be customised with your own designs, captions, colors and more.

Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp on 071 51 51 51 6 for online orders.



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Why Dee Com Technologies??

We have been delivering great quality and personalized service for over 15 years to our customers. With our high-quality service, experts and affordable pricing, the real question is, “Why wouldn’t you with us?”

Established in 2004, Dee Com Technologies has emerged as front-runner in providing IT solutions in the area. Since then, the company has become one of the best computer suppliers in the area at the lowest prices. Having entered the printing industry a few years ago, Dee Com Technologies is currently the leading printing and design company in the area.



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